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3 March 2021 - 10 March 2021
EXTRATEX Virtual ClusterXchange and brokerage for cross-sector cooperation

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EXTRATEX Virtual ClusterXchange and brokerage for cross-sector cooperation

Slovakia has significant concentrated technologies linked to the production of cars...and everything revolves around it...from the development of new materials to recycling. But not only with the automotive industry, the plastics processing industry has a cross-cutting existence. There are many other applications…

Take part at Cluster eXchange program to better connect unique specifics Europe’s industrial ecosystems through short-term virtual visits and B2B negotiations!

Focus area: new materials, advanced plastic processing, cross-sector exploitation

Host: Slovak Plastic Cluster

Visitors (invited participants):  

  • Cluster organizations
  • SMEs representatives
  • Scaling-up support organizations other than SME
  • partner of EXTRATEX consortium

Other details:  

Closed since 31 March 2021
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Italy 12
Slovakia 10
Czech Republic 7
Spain 5
Portugal 2
Germany 2
Israel 2
Slovenia 1
Hungary 1
China 1
Poland 1
France 1
Morocco 1
Total 46
Company 23
University 1
Research and Development Institution 4
Association/Agency 8
Consulting 5
Cluster 5
Total 46